Color Correction & VFX


StudioPost houses a team of highly skilled Colorists with vast expertise in episodic, feature, restoration, and streaming projects for both internal and third party productions.  Clients have the option of working on-lot in our well-appointed color suites and theaters or utilizing our convenient and secure streaming technologies for remote viewing. Our facility features DaVinci Resolve working in a variety of rasters and color spaces including UHD, HDR, and Dolbyvision.


StudioPost has a team of VFX artists with years of experience capable of attending to all your episodic and theatrical VFX needs.  The 5 staff artists work on Flames, After Effects, Digital Fusion, and other systems and can attend to:

  • 2.5D Compositing
  • Blue/Green Screen Keys with 3D Tracking
  • Production Equipment/Personnel Removal
  • Split Screens
  • Wire Removals
  • Reflections
  • Beauty
  • Film Restoration
  • Digital Forensic Marks

Our team is also available to integrate into pre-production meetings and on-set consultation as needed.

For inquiries contact:

Casey Keltner
818.777.9434 /