Film Restoration


StudioPost leads the industry in Film Restoration. The talented Colorists and technicians use industry leading equipment and software to restore TV and film projects to pristine condition.

Our Nitrate certified room is used for high-resolution film scanning, in addition to ARRI Scanners in 35MM (up to 6K) or 16MM (up to 4K), with 35MM wet-gate options.  Also utilized are 35MM/16MM pin and pinless gates, 35MM pinless wide aperture archive, sprocketless drive for damaged perfs or film. Software stabilization option is used when scanning along with KODAK DICE in gate dirt and dust removal.

Color Grading is the standard, and we employ the top colorists in the industry using DaVinci Resolve and Autodesk Lustre.

We have multiple Image Processing solutions for problems with film damage, such as dirt, gate hairs, scratches, stains, flicker, and stabilization. Editorial, Graphics and Effects are accomplished with Flame and Collage

Fully-restored projects can be Archived with Recording YCM / RGB Separation Masters, Scanning / Digital Recombining of Separation Masters and side-by-side screening comparisons

The StudioPost team has restored many films of significance to the industry including Spartacus, King of Jazz, E.T., Jaws, Schindler's List, Back to the Future, To Kill A Mockingbird, House of Frankenstein, Pillow Talk, Shanghai Express and more!

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