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Kathy Ochse
Kathy Ochse

Devoted to providing best-in-class client support, Kathy leads a team of client services managers, project management professionals, schedulers, and expeditors. She manages feature mastering, episodic post and marketing projects that produce, master, deliver and preserve the highest quality media and content for artists, producers, and divisional clients.

Kathy has 26 years of experience in leadership and management of post-production customer service, project management and operations teams. Upon receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 1989, Kathy moved to California where she completed an internship on the show, Entertainment Tonight. Kathy then worked at Eisaman, Johns, and Laws Advertising from 1989 – 1991 where she managed the distribution of TV and radio commercials as the Broadcast Traffic Manager.

Prior to joining NBCUniversal in 2000, Kathy spent ten years holding positions as Manager and Supervisor of Account Services at two post production facilities servicing distribution clients for feature mastering and television syndication.

In her previous roles at NBCUniversal, Kathy served as Director, Administration and Manager, Digital Video Services. She also served as the business lead, responsible for the training, implementation, and management of two resource scheduling and order management systems.