Talent & Staff
David Lynch
David Lynch


Emmy Awards

  • Supernatural - Nominee
  • Mighty Ducks - Win
  • Hercules - Nominee
  • 101 Dalmations - Nominee
  • Dark Wing Duck - Nominee
  • New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Nominee


Golden Reel

  • Supernatural - Nominee
  • Mickey Mouse Works - Nominee
  • Legend of Tarzan - Nominee



credit list


  • Hello Ladies - HBO
  • The Mindy Project - NBCUniversal
  • Growing Up Fisher - NBCUniversal
  • Surviving Jack - NBCUniversal
  • Cougar Town - TBS
  • Undateable - NBCUniversal
  • Ground Floor - TBS
  • Sirens - FOX
  • Up All Night - NBCUniversal
  • Good Luck Charlie - Disney Channel
  • 1600 Penn - NBCUniversal
  • Malibu Country - ABC
  • The Replacements (Animated) - The Disney Channel
  • Lili & Stitch: The Series (Animated) - The Disney Channel
  • American Dragon: Jake Long (Animated) - The Disney Channel
  • Supernatural - Warner Bros.
  • Fillmore! - ABC Kids
  • Mickey’s Magical Christmas - Walt Disney Animation
  • Snowed in at the House of Mouse 
  • Malcolm in the Middle - FOX




  • Georgy - Warner Bros.
  • Judy M.D.: Super Surgeon - Warner Bros.



  • Bandslam - Todd Graff



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Early call time tomorrow? The @thecoffeebean on the Lot is now open at 6:30am! Visiting or working...come by for a cup.☀️☕️🍪 #early #hours #extendedhours #coffee #tea #snacks #studioservices
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Cool! Love the way you made the sky look over New York street! 🌤😃💙👍🏼 #bluesky #newyorkstreet #backlot #weekendrepost #Repost @atraveshamockery ・・・ When does that Tri-Star Pegasus pop out?
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Dropped by the Universal Costume workroom...wonder what this creation will end up being? 🤔👗👔 #costume #design #patterns #workroom #studioservices
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A “before and after” look at last year’s “Will & Grace” marketing photo shoot. A couple of Mole-Richardson lamps (Baby Senior 5k and 8” Junior), J.L Fisher “TEN” dolly on track w/skateboard wheels, a textured back drop and a few #props make for a simple and lovely setup. Swipe to see the final look 👉🏼 #willandgrace #photoshoot #lighting #grip #studioservices
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Have a wonderful day! 💖 #happyvalentinesday #hearts #love #studiolife
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Tonight’s view from the rooftop of the Bud Westmore building. 🌥 #clouds #eveningsky #studiolife #universalstudioslot
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There are many aisles of lighting on the 3rd floor of the Universal Property department. So many different sconces available from every era and style.💡#props #setdesign #lighting #studioservices
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EUROPEAN STREET #location #europe #backlot #outdoor ⛲️
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