Screening Theaters & Projection

Our screening theaters are equipped to accommodate all stages of production from dailies through finished product. They are frequently used to host friends and family screenings, special events featuring an audience Q&A, and industry screenings for award consideration.

NBCUniversal StudioPost maintains a staff of well-qualified professionals who will assist with the numerous technical details required for digital screening formats.

We offer the ability to present your material to an audience in a secure environment. Protect your content with security measures such as night vision to detect recording devices and cell phone collection.

Additionally, the theaters are available for meetings, pitches and conferences for larger groups. We work closely with the Special Events team to provide the screening theaters for fundraisers, wrap parties, corporate events and more.

Theaters include:

  • Playback from Avid Media, DPX, QuickTime and most file formats
  • 2D and 3D Digital Cinema
  • 35mm and 70mm film formats
  • Seating capacities ranging from 25-190
  • Engineering staff on hand to assist with special requirements
  • Special Event and Catering Services are also available


For inquiries contact:

Julie Landholt, Projection Manager
818.777.1331 /


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