12.16.20 | Universal Studios
Cinematography World: Across the Landscape
Cinematography World   Read More
09.08.20 | Universal Studios
NBCU Sustainability Director Shannon Bart on Conglom's Eco-Friendly Production Practices
  Variety Article Read More
08.21.20 | Universal Studios
The 2020 EMMYs Audio Spotlight
Podcast featuring NBCUniversal StudioPost EMMY-nominated sound mixers John Cook & Bill Freesh   The Audio Evangelist: Episode 2 Read More
08.19.20 | Universal Studios
John Ford's First Rodeos
Universal Pictures and Kino Lorber issue gleaming and immersive editions of two of the director's early, silent westerns. Wall Street Journal article Read More
06.18.20 | Universal Studios
Reopening Hollywood: NBCUniversal Begins Return To Work On The Lot, Tests COVID-19 Production Protocols Dominic Patten
DEADLINE Article Read More
03.24.20 | Universal Studios
Cineo's new Reflex R15 LED light has adopted cooling techniques developed in the computer world. We asked Rich Pierceall, VP, LED Operations, to explain further
Definition Magazine Article Read More
03.10.20 | Universal Studios
Universal Archivist Jeff Pirtle on the Legacy of Noble Johnson, Harriet and More.
The Credits Interview with Jeff Pirtle, Director of NBCUniversal Archives & Collections article Read More
02.07.20 | Universal Studios
Universal Pictures, Frankenstein, and Basketball: The Story of the First U.S. Olympic Team
NPR Interview with Jeff Pirtle, Director of NBCUniversal Archives & Collections Read More
01.27.20 | Universal Studios
Hollywood Studios Target Sustainability as Big Production Goal
Variety Article Read More
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This shot perfectly captures a hot #summer day on the Lot - #cowboys finding the shade near Western street!
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A behind-the-scenes shot from a past Jurassic World #promo shoot.
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The #lighting detail and #decor style for this "priceless" cocktail party last October were perfectly set in Pocket Park!
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WESTERN STREET #location #western #wildwest #southwest #onlocation
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Wonder what those orange & black zig zag outfits were used for?
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It's been 45 years since the release of "Jaws" so we thought we'd share some pieces from the NBCUniversal Archives & Collections inventory.
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Evening #car commercial shoot on New York Street back in 2017. #tbt #commercial #nightshoot #rig #trailer
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A little outdoor #furniture inspiration for your backyard provided by the Property department! #props #yard #relax #inspire
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