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George Cvjetnicanin
George Cvjetnicanin

George Cvjetnicanin brings over 35 years of post production experience to StudioPost.  George’s background has included work on numerous television shows and pilots, feature films, animated series, commercials and music videos. George was the colorist selected by Paramount to set the look of the Star Trek franchise for 16 years.

Not only does George have strong creative sensibilities, he also has a strong technical background. After gaining an understanding of the creative aspects of color timing, George was given the opportunity to grow as a colorist.  From that point on, George has worked at various companies, such as Unitel, Editel, Level3Post, and Ascent Media., before joining StudioPost in 2005 and becoming an integral part of our post production team.


credit list


  • Chicago P.D. - Jeremy Biem, Rohn Schmidt, Juan Scaiola
  • Chicago Fire - Tim DeLuca, Lisa Wiegand
  • Rizzoli & Isles - Alfonso Delgado, Anthony Harwick
  • Alphas - Steve Welke, David Perrault
  • Lipstick Jungle - Erin Scotto, David M. Dunlap
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Steve Welke, Marvin V. Rush
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation - Peter Lauritson, Marvin V. Rush
  • The Event - Cathy Frank, Feliks Parnell
  • Royal Pains - John Smith
  • Trauma - Julie Herlocker, Alan Caso 
  • Caprica - Paul M. Leonard, Stephan McNutt
  • Raines - Vanessa Hayes, Lex DuPont
  • Battlestar Galactica - Paul M. Leonard, Stephen McNutt
  • Star Trek: Voyager - Peter Lauritson, Marvin V. Rush
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Terri Potts, Marvin V. Rus



  • Grimm - NBC
  • Do No Harm - NBC
  • Defiance - SyFy
  • Royal Pains - USA
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A “before and after” look at last year’s “Will & Grace” marketing photo shoot. A couple of Mole-Richardson lamps (Baby Senior 5k and 8” Junior), J.L Fisher “TEN” dolly on track w/skateboard wheels, a textured back drop and a few #props make for a simple and lovely setup. Swipe to see the final look 👉🏼 #willandgrace #photoshoot #lighting #grip #studioservices
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Tonight’s view from the rooftop of the Bud Westmore building. 🌥 #clouds #eveningsky #studiolife #universalstudioslot
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There are many aisles of lighting on the 3rd floor of the Universal Property department. So many different sconces available from every era and style.💡#props #setdesign #lighting #studioservices
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EUROPEAN STREET #location #europe #backlot #outdoor ⛲️
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