Talent & Staff
Craig Budrick
Craig Budrick

Craig’s background includes a variety of network shows, and over 10 years of experience.  His experience includes final color finishing at Post Logic, television sitcom final color finishing at Technicolor and sitcom final color finishing at Sunset Digital.

His proficiencies include, but are not limited to, Autodesk Lustre color corrector, Da Vinci 2K color corrector, and DVS Clipster. Craig is easy to work with and prides himself in his ability to collaborate well with major clients. Relationships include Paramount, Disney, HBO, Warner Bros. Television, Universal, Touchstone Television, Fox, Showtime, and DreamWorks.


credit list


  • The Path - Devin Rich, Yaron Orbach
  • Channel Zero - David Kirchner, Isaac Bauman
  • Pure Genius - Patrick Ward, Tim Bellen
  • Imposters - Cathy Frank, Tobias Datum
  • Childhoods End - Paul Leonard, Neville Kidd
  • From Dusk Til' Dawn - Alfonso Delgado, Eduardo Enrique Mayen, Michael Bonvillain 
  • Playing House - Jake Aust, Robert Boles, Charles Papert, David Robert Jones
  • State of Affairs - Keri Young, Yasu Tanida
  • Mr. Robinson - Corey Wish, Patti Lee
  • Parenthood - Patrick Ward, David J. Miller
  • GrimmJulie Herlocker, Eliot Rockett, Fernando Arguellos
  • The Mindy Project - Eric Koljan, Jules Rask, Marco Fargnoli
  • Frasier - Mary Fukuto, Tony Hicks, Ken Lamkin
  • Girlfriends - Mary Fukuto, Don Morgan
  • All of Us - Kelly Lee, John Simmons
  • Rodney - Scott Schofield, Wayne Kennen
  • Crumbs - Shari Tavey, Jim Roberson
  • Hank -  Mary Fukuto, Don Morgan
  • Courting Alex - Kristy Wunsch, John Simmons
  • Accidentally on Purpose - Gregg Mettler, Wayne Kennen
  • Back to You - Tony Hicks, Tony Yarlett
  • A.N.T. Farm - Frank Sacket, Alan Walker, Tony Yarlett
  • Austin & Alley  - Carla Myers, Bryan Hays
  • Almost Perfect - Jim Roberson
  • Linc’s - Faye Cottrell, Don Morgan
  • It’s Like You Know - Rick Cocoran, Wayne Kennen



  • My So called Wife - Gregg Tilson, Tobias Datum
  • Unveiled - Fritzi Horstman, Guy Dufaux
  • The Kicker - Jimmy Brooks, Gary Baum
  • Me and Mean Margaret - Mark Nasser, Gary baum


Re-Mastered Features

  • Mission Impossible II
  • Star Trek: First Contact
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
  • Star Trek VII: Undiscovered Country
  • Nightmare Before Christmas